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Marbella Treasure Hunt is part of the Experience Box group, offering an extensive selection of exciting treasure hunt activities. We specialize in tailoring our experiences to different scenarios, whether it’s within the enchanting gardens of a hotel, the scenic outdoors around the beautiful city of Marbella, or any other location.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and embark on a journey to organize your own unforgettable and personalized treasure hunt experience.

Most of our treasure hunt activities include the following  :

  • Original challenges
  • Full personalization option (create your own company game)
  • Guaranteed fun and team competition
  • Pictures & trailer video of the activity
  • Available in several languages (Spanish, English, French, etc)
  • iPads, backpacks, real time management, etc


Here we give you a quick view of our experiences


Unique stories

Discover an extraordinary storytelling experience, perfectly tailored for groups seeking an exhilarating blend of fun and challenging puzzles. Our stories cover different styles, like a lethal virus situation, to discover the hidden treasure in a castle, etc.


Amazing views

If you wish to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Marbella, we offer the perfect fusion of a thrilling treasure hunt and a captivating hiking tour, ensuring an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and discovery.


Discover the city

Is it your first time visiting Marbella? Don't worry! Our incredible treasure hunt activity in the city is designed especially for this occasion. This perfect combination of friendly competition and exploration will ensure you have a fantastic time while discovering the charm of Marbella.


Local Gastronomy

We present you with the perfect combination of a thrilling treasure hunt competition with a delightful "Tapas Tour." Join us for this extraordinary game where you'll not only enjoy a fun-filled adventure but also to taste the unique flavors of our exquisite gastronomy.

Clients Reviews

"What an incredible adventure! The treasure hunt activity in Marbella was a blast. The combination of puzzles and hiking made it so much fun, and I got to discover some hidden gems of the city. I'll cherish these memories forever!"
Laura Turner
An Unforgettable Adventure!
"First-time in Marbella, and it couldn't have been better! The treasure hunt was thrilling, and the "Tapas Tour" was a delightful surprise. Tasting the local gastronomy while enjoying the competition was a brilliant idea. Count me in for the next one!"
Alex Rodriguez
A Perfect Blend of Fun and Flavor!
"I can't recommend this experience enough! The storytelling treasure hunt was captivating from start to finish. I felt like a true adventurer exploring Marbella's nature and uncovering its secrets. Thank you for the unforgettable journey!"
Emma Carter
Captivating Storytelling